Zhongshan Sunshine Resort

Exclusive Corporate Retreat / Events / Restaurant / Spa / Clinic / Hotel

Zhongshan Sunshine Resort




我们发掘了现存结构中的潜力并且寻求协调和发展这种潜在的美感。 因此,现存的混凝土结构形体成为设计的推动力:整体的水平纹理,温和的多层露台以及流线的多角形体。


设计中最大的挑战同时也是建筑中最突出的主体元素,即是整个建筑1/7的面积都是直面天空的露台空间。露台作为酒店类型客房的天然条件得天独厚。同时原有建筑结构对设计的挑战体现在露台空间中最为明显,技术上比如消防疏散,排水,私密性等问题。女儿墙飘板和玻璃隔墙一同解决了技术上的难题,同时也成为建筑本身最大的特点。 交错的多层露台同时提供着封闭和开敞的天台空间。


基地面积 : 105,100 m2

建筑面积: 62,900 m2

位置: 广东省中山市

功能: 企业会所 /  餐厅 / Spa / 颐养/ 酒店客房

客户: 第一上海



–  合伙人: Marshall Strabala, 张樵

              项目建筑师: 周诗邈, Andrew Sutton

              团队: 周鑫, 吴天,窦超, JK Shin, 白璐,郝冠民, Jongin Choi


–  合伙人: 周诗邈, 张樵

              项目建筑师: 周诗邈, 张樵

              团队: 许胜, 张贲, 齐鹏, 白雪,杨黎,韩镕潇


–  合伙人: 周诗邈, 张樵

              项目建筑师: 苏子茗

              团队: 范亚鹏, 朱能, 金奕戎, 黄世豪

外墙顾问 – 通艺幕墙顾问

施工图设计院 – 广东华方建筑设计院(中山分院)


Located in the heart of Guangdong Province at the edge of the city of Zhongshan, our site is anexisting concrete structure tucked into the ridge line of the Wugui Mountains next to the Yangtze River Reservoir. Construction abruptly stopped after a majority of the structure was completed, thusit has been sitting bare, uncompleted for 15 years. Much credit should be given to the structure’s original architects for the dynamic, angular, terracing structure left standing today.

We seek to accentuate the strengths of the original design, but also to transform the massivepresence of the existing structure by integrating the building into its landscape: the mountain and the sky. With the stone walls we bring the mountain into the building; with the twisting metal panels.we absorb and reflect the light and dynamism of the sky.

– The stone walls also perform as planter walls, literally bringing the natural landscape into thebuilding.

– The parapet panels accentuate the angles of the existing structure, twisting smoothly and sometimes suddenly in reaction to the geometry.

– The vertical surfaces interweave with the horizontal surfaces, integrating the large outdoor terraces with the facade.

One of the most impressive and challenging aspects of the structure is the incredible amount of terrace space 1/7th of the overall 70,000m2 structure. This creates a challenge technically, in terms of water drainage, but also in terms of privacy. The parapet panels and divider walls are designed in such a way to solve the visual privacy challenge between hotel rooms, while also functioning as solar shading. The water drainage challenge is turned into an asset, as much of the terraces are transformed into gardens, and excess water returned to the mountain landscape. In result, we hope to achieve a novel experience for the guests of the corporate retreat, by both expressing the high technology, highly creative processes necessary for their success, and linking to the natural world, reinforcing the sustainable values imperative for our future.

Project Facts –

Site Area : 105,100 m2

GFA: 62,9000 m2

Location: Zhongshan, Guangdong

Program: Exclusive Corporate Retreat / Events / Restaurant / Spa / Clinic / Hotel

Client: First Shanghai


Concept +SD phase done at 2DEFINE

Team –  Partners: Marshall Strabala, Qiao Zhang,

              Associate Partners: Zhou Shimiao

              Project Architect: Zhou Shimiao, Andrew Sutton

              Team: Zhou Xin, Tim Wu, Chao Do, JK Shin, Bai Lu, Guanmin Hao, Jongin Choi

DD phase done at DFA

Team –  Partners: Zhou Shimiao, Qiao Zhang,

              Project Architect: Zhou Shimiao, Qiao Zhang

              Team: Xu Sheng, Zhang Ben, Qi Peng, Bai Xue, Rongxiao Han, Yang Li

Club house All done at DFA

Team –  Partners: Zhou Shimiao, Qiao Zhang

              Project Architect: Su Ziming

              Team: Fan Yapeng, Zhu Neng, Jin Yirong, Huang Shihao

Façade Consultant – General Arts

Local Design Institute – 广东华方建筑设计院(中山分院)



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