New Gwanghwamun Square International Design Competition

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New Gwanghwamun Square International Design Competition

광화문광장 신규 디자인 설명

The new design proposal introduced couple landscape elements into the New GHM Square. For the Historical Square,the water has been introduced along the ancient city wall with a linear lighting columns to show the sense of memorial.

At the ground level the proposal use thetransparent glass to expose the precious ancient wall foundation as it is over the ground now. And all the lighting columns on the ground is elevated. So that the ground could be empty once the columns are all down. And when all these lighting columns rises it forms a very celebrated space to emphasis the Gwanghwamun.

For the south part of the GHM Square. There is a sky bridge has been added to connect the north-south and east-west part of the Square.

The Sejong Park has a observation deck to oversee the whole Square and the landscape. This is also the performance artcenter for the Sejong park. The Sejong sculpture have been relocated to a most significant position that people could see it from all angles.

And at the center of the long thin GHM citizen Square, the proposal introduces a mountain of landscape elements to connect the ground and underground spaces. This is like an unrolled surface that supported by couple dynamic structure columns. This would be the anchor of the city center. Pedestrian circulation is re-arranged by the lifted surface.People would be connected from both levels.

And Those functions are connected by the “Mountain”.The “mountain” is not only a landscape element but also an anchor for the city also for the visitors.

Directors: Zhou Shimiao / Zhang Qiao

Project Team: Zhang Haixia , Ma Jianxiang, Yue Chengchao

Project Time: 2018

Location: Seoul


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